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Healing Arts


Healing Arts is North Cumbria University Hospitals’ Trust arts charity. NCUH view the arts as an integral part to the hospital environment and Healing Arts works to improve the hospital experience for all.

Through a range of carefully considered arts experiences and interventions, Healing Arts aims to create a calm and welcoming environment providing support and reassurance for patients, staff and visitors of NCUH hospitals.

Healing Arts programmes of art, dance, music, puppetry and poetry, which take place in hospital corridors and wards, enhance the environment; provide moments of reflection, distraction from illness, and time ‘to be’. 

NCUH does not view Healing Arts as an ‘add on’ but vital to the overall wellbeing of all who enter the hospital. To this end, selected programmes undergo clinical research to evidence exactly how the arts support recovery, wellbeing and the hospital experience.

As medical science advances faster and faster, it is easy to be drawn into seeing treatment of disease as the main goal. Everyone involved in caring for patients can benefit from pausing occasionally to ask “What are we healing for?” Quality of life is surely the most important goal and, viewed in this light, the arts have a fundamental role in healthcare. The arts can remind us of those things in our life that are truly important or allow us time and space to reflect on the multitude of roles that life demands of us all.

There is growing evidence that these important but somewhat nebulous benefits are paired with quantitative, measurable benefits in treatment outcomes such as reduced inpatient stay, reduced demand on primary care, reduction in isolation, supporting long term conditions and mental health.

Current Healing Arts programmes:

Singing for Breathing
Weekly community singing classes for people suffering from pulmonary conditions (COPD).

Trust me I’m an Artist
Arts Council funded project in partnership with Prism Arts and Tullie House Museum & Gallery. Weekly workshops on the older adult’s ward, children’s ward and the Special Care Baby Unit, involving puppetry, written word, music and dance.

Musicians on Call
Monthly visits from musicians providing ‘Lunch Time Concerts’ and visits to wards.

About Being, a dance from hospital to home
Dance sessions on the neurology ward for stroke survivors with the invitation to continue these specialist classes in the community, in partnership with the Institute of the Arts, Cumbria University.

Hospital Gallery
A rolling exhibition of artwork from local artists and NCUH staff ‘with artistic talent’ (of which there are many!)

Healing Arts Piano
There for all to play! A friendly, well loved up-right to try a few notes, or play a full ‘Moonlight Sonata’!

Healing Artsis funded entirely by charitable funds and donations.

The team works hard to raise the funds required order to continue programmes and to develop this essential and fascinating area of work.

Should you wish to donate to Healing Arts, please contact:

Arts Coordinator, Susie Tate: 07554478851 

We would love to hear from you!

Twitter : @HealingArts7

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