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North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust - 70 years of the NHS

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Race and Ethnicity

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust aims to put equality, including race equality, at the core of its organisation.

The legal duty to promote race equality covers all parts of our business, activities, policies and services, as well as human resources and employment practices.

In terms of race equality, we:

  • Assess which of our functions and policies are relevant to the statutory duty to promote race equality and review these on a regular basis
  • Set out arrangements for assessing and consulting on the impact of the promotion of race equality and policies we are proposing to adopt
  • Monitor any adverse impact of policies we have adopted
  • Take action to ensure that improved outcomes are achieved in respect of race equality
  • Publish the results of our equality impact assessments and employment monitoring
  • Ensure ethnic minorities have access to information and services
  • Set out arrangements for training of staff about cultural diversity

You can find the Trust’s workforce report, containing data on the demographic profile of our staff, along with analysis, on the front page of this section. Actions relating to diversifying the workforce are contained in the equality scheme action plan.

We assess certain functions, services and policies for their impact on equality.

  • Our equality impact assessments

Other useful information

The Trust has signed a service level agreement with AWAZ - the voice for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) People and Communities in Cumbria.