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English Language Classes for Staff


1. Does the NHS Trust run classes and or workshops and / or courses and / or similar to help those staff who may have been recruited from overseas and / or for whom English might not be their first language. These classes could include but will not be limited to English language lessons as well as sessions on British customs and / or values and or history. The sessions will also include but will not be limited to sessions designed to familiarise staff with colloquial terms for medical treatments and conditions as well as sessions about the principles and operation of the NHS.

2. Can you please identify any outside training provider (s) or consultancy (ies) which provide these kind of services for staff. Can you please state how much the Trust has spent with these provider (s) during the current financial year.

3. Can you please state how many staff have undergone this kind of training during the relevant period. I am interested in the total number of staff irrespective of whether the training was provided in house or by an outside consultant.

4. Can you please provide a full list of the courses and / or training sessions and or workshops provided to staff. In the cause of each session/course/workshop can you provide the course title and a brief explanation of the aims of the session. Can you provide the numbers present at each session, as well as details of the venue where the training took place, the cost of each session and the date.

5. Can you please provide copies of all training handouts and or language guides (of the kind outlined above) which have been given out to staff who have been recruited from overseas. Can you please provide copies of any visual material used in the sessions and courses outlined above.


 Q1: The Trust does not provide training (classes, workshops or courses) for staff whose English might not be their first language.

Q2 to 5: Not applicable