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North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust - 70 years of the NHS

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Workforce governance

This is the system to ensure all staff are safe and supported to deliver quality patient care. This includes collective accountability to ensure fair and effective management arrangements exist for all staff as well as how we develop our staff to meet the objectives of our organisation.

The Trust aims to provide all staff with personal development, access to appropriate training for their jobs and
line management support to succeed.

Personal development

  • All staff are encouraged to undertake continuing personal development and to maintain a portfolio to demonstrate this, which can be useful evidence when seeking promotion
  • Professional staff are required to maintain a professional development portfolio by their registration authority e.g. NMC, HPC
  • The Education and Training Department has created sample documentation for a personal portfolio, which can be adapted for personal requirements
  • Career break policy / provision available
  • A full training programme is in place for medical staff and students
  • Opportunities exist for shadowing, mentoring and preceptorship
  • Clinical supervision is available to professional staff
  • Clinical training takes place in clinical areas 

Appropriate training

  • Induction training is a mandatory requirement for all staff, and a Trust induction is undertaken on the first day, followed by local induction into the individual ward or department
  • Mandatory training for all staff is available in a range of formats, paper-based, e-learning or visual presentation
  • Support is available for staff in bands 1-4 to gain NVQ qualifications in relevant areas
  • HR key skills training is offered for all staff with a managerial role
  • e-learning has recently been made available to all staff through NLMS / ESR
  • The Trust now has university accreditation which has improved access to training and certificated development
  • Board / manager training in organisational development is provided
  • Leadership development is regularly provided
  • Postgraduate centre offers weekly term-time educational presentations on a range of clinical subjects
  • Information governance training is available locally on-line

Line management support

  • All staff are entitled to annual appraisal, and this is undertaken on an ongoing basis during the first year of employment, with reviews at 6 and 12 months. Appraisal is being prioritised across the Trust
  • Line manager training in appraisal and other key skills is available on an ongoing basis
  • Line management policies are in place