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Success Regime

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The Success Regime marks the start of a new era of improvement for local health and care services. It is a national initiative designed to support the most challenged health and care systems across the country. With long-term difficulties in recruiting permanently to key clinical posts, a history of financial challenges, and the need to improve the quality of services across the area, West, North and East Cumbria has been selected nationally, along with Essex and Devon to take part in the regime.

Local health and care leaders will continue to lead and own the improvement programme but the Success Regime will provide them with access to support, expertise and resources at a national level.

The programme will see local health and care organisations working more closely together as a ‘system’, and united in a common purpose, approach and set of ambitions. This approach will enhance our chances of success as, like many areas across the country, such challenges cannot be addressed by individual organisations alone.

  • The Success Regime brings resources and expertise to West, North and East Cumbria, to help local NHS organisations work together more effectively.
  • It aims to help the local health community find effective ways of developing health and care services which are both safe and affordable in the long-term, and which meet the needs of local people.
  • The Success Regime is fully committed to ensuring that hospital-based health care and other important local services are retained and developed where they are needed.  
  • It will clearly explain any proposals for service changes and improvements that may be proposed in the future.
  • The Success Regime began work in the autumn of 2015 and aims to have firm plans for improvement agreed by the spring of 2016.  These plans will then start to be put in place over the summer.


Future of Healthcare in West, North and East Cumbria Consultation 

Monday 26 September marks the launch of the consultation for the Future of Healthcare in North, West and East Cumbria. This is a 12-week consultation which will look at a variety of proposals that involve substantial changes in the provisions of some services, including

  • Maternity services (including urgent gynaecology)
  • Children’s services
  • Hyper-acute stroke services
  • Community hospital inpatient beds
  • Emergency and acute care
  • Emergency surgery and trauma services

The consultation is being run in partnership with other NHS Trusts – including Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and North West Ambulance Service – and local authority partners such as Cumbria County Council.

The views of staff, in all organisations, and the public are imperative to making sure the right options are selected. You are the experts, you work in these fields every day. We need to hear your views and have them submitted through the official channels to ensure we get this right, as any changes that are made will shape our county’s healthcare future for many years to come.

Have your say on the consultation - 

Public Progress Report

On 1 March the Success Regime published their  Public Progress Report. The report details the Success Regime’s emerging thinking about the future of healthcare in this area  - You can read the report here. 

In August 2016 the Success Regime published their Stakeholder Update Briefing. At this meeting, the vision of the North, West and East Cumbria Success Regime was described by its leaders. This report summarises what was said at this meeting as well as a number of issues key to the Success Regime. - You can read the briefing here.

You can find out more information about the Success Regime on their dedicated website.

Success Regime adds further dates to engagement programme

The West, North and East Cumbria Success Regime has announced further dates in its programme of engagement activity.

The programme involves a Healthwatch vehicle visiting communities across Cumbria - including some of the most remote communities – to engage the public in discussions about the future of healthcare in this area.

Click here to view more information