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Delivering quality together

The ‘Delivering Quality Together’ campaign was launched in 2014 to highlight the important role everyone has to play in helping to deliver safe, high quality care for patients, every single day.

The campaign is focused around three key themes which are making sure that services are safe, caring and responsive at all times.

Significant steps to improve safety and quality have been made since 2013 and all staff at the Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumberland Hospital should be rightfully proud of some of the key achievements to date at North Cumbria:

  • mortality rates are now within expected range and continuing to decline
  • 92% of staff are now openly reporting errors, near misses or incidents – one of the best performances nationally, demonstrating an open, transparent and learning culture
  •  the Trust has reduced cases of C Difficile in hospital and is now performing better than the England average
  •  over 90% of inpatients, outpatients and day case patients at North Cumbria, rate their care as either ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ or ‘good’.

The ‘Delivering Quality Together’ campaign has been relaunched for 2015 with the following core messages:


  • Doing the right things in line with ‘best practice’
  • Saving more lives and preventing harm
  • Guaranteeing safe levels of staff with the right skills
  • Sharing learning from errors and our experiences 

    Delivering Quality Together - You can play your part in helping us be safe - if you see something that concerns you please talk to our staff and let them know


  • Caring for our patients like we would for our families
  • Ensuring privacy and dignity
  • Listening and acting on concerns

    Delivering Quality Together - You can play your part in helping us be caring - please talk to our teams know if anything falls short of your expectations


  • Providing the right care in the right place at the right time
  • Keeping patients and their carers well informed
  • Delivering care in a timely manner

    Delivering Quality Together - You can play your part in helping us be responsive - please tell us about your experience and what we could have done better

We have made a new video for 2015 featuring staff from across the Trust, explaining what improvements have been made in their wards and departments to make our hospitals safer, more caring and more responsive.