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Patients praise Endoscopy Unit

Posted on Thursday 30th August 2012
Debbie Gibson

Upper G.I. Nurse Endoscopist Deborah Gibson

A recent survey of patients using the Endoscopy Unit at the Cumberland Infirmary found 93% rated the service and care they received as either excellent or good.

During June and July, 300 patients undergoing any procedure in the department were selected at random to take part in an annual satisfaction survey.

Of those, 150 people completed the forms, which asked them about a range of issues including their comfort during treatment, privacy and dignity, communication and aftercare.

The results continue to show a very high level of satisfaction with the department, with only 2% of patients considering their care and service overall to be merely satisfactory or poor. There was no one who felt that it was unacceptable. 

Patients were asked to comment on any aspect of their care which they especially appreciated, or any particular concerns. Many singled out the attitude and quality of care of staff for praise. One patient wrote: “The staff at the Cumberland Infirmary Endoscopy Unit are quite simply superb. Quietly efficient, they do their very best to make you comfortable before, during (particularly) and after the procedure.”

Other comments included: “The staff were great. They took their time, were friendly, approachable and helpful” and “I was treated with respect and dignity and the staff were excellent”.

Upper G.I. Nurse Endoscopist Deborah Gibson said: “These results once again reflect very well on our services.

“There are, as always, a few areas where we can continue to improve and we welcome any ideas or thoughts on how we can continue to address these.”

She said the time patients had to wait before appointments in the department had been raised as an area of concern by some patients.

“The Endoscopy team always tries to provide information when delays are expected due to delayed starts or emergency cases but on occasions these can build up because of the extra time some patients may require in their procedure,” Deborah explained. “The extra effort put in by the team in trying to keep patients informed about delays will continue and hopefully we will continue to improve.”

Further improvements have been made in response to patient comments on a lack of signage and information on arrival, with the introduction of a white board with updated information and regular checks by staff members for new arrivals but ways to further improve these areas are always being considered.

Dr Denis Burke, Associate Medical Director and Endoscopy lead, said: “Once again the overall picture continues to show that the Endoscopy team continues to provide high quality services to our patients which are greatly appreciated.”