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North Cumbria NHS Trust one of top North West providers for heart failure and pneumonia

Posted on Wednesday 1st February 2012
Advancing quality

Advancing Quality, a revolutionary programme designed to improve patient care and save lives, has published its third year results which show North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has improved in all areas since the programme launched in October 2008. Furthermore, the Trust is ranked as second out of 30 North West provider trusts for heart failure and fourth for community-acquired pneumonia.

Since the programme launched in October 2008, it has rapidly improved the standard of care delivered in North West hospitals by focusing on key evidence based clinical interventions, patient experience and patient and clinical outcomes. Advancing Quality is the flagship programme of AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance), and aims to give patients a better experience of the NHS by ensuring the highest standards of care are consistently delivered.

Advancing Quality gives patients more influence as their opinions and experiences are reviewed on a regular basis. It is also helping hospitals to save valuable resources by cutting unnecessary readmissions and the time patients have to spend in hospital whilst at the same time improving the care patients receive.

The programme initially focused on four conditions and procedures which are relevant to healthcare in North Cumbria and affect a significant number of people – heart attacks, heart failure, hip and knee replacements and community-acquired pneumonia. Following the initial success of the programme, it was extended to stroke services in October 2010 and dementia in January 2011. The results for year one to three are for the original four focus areas and results for stroke and dementia are due to be released at a later date.

The results for North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust are as follows:

AMI (Heart Attack)

Year 1 (October 2008 – September 2009): 84.5%

Year 2 (October 2009 – March 2010): 93.13%

Year 3 (April 2010 - March 2011): 93.26%

Heart Failure

Year 1: 46.25%

Year 2: 74.62%

Year 3: 95.44%

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Year 1: 90.55%

Year 2: 94.83%

Year 3: 94.76%


Year 1: 72.78%

Year 2: 80.74%

Year 3: 91.25%

Chris Platton, Acting Director of Nursing and Quality, said: “We are proud of our progress and what we have achieved with the Advancing Quality programme. Our clinicians and nursing staff have been working extremely hard to meet the indicators of the programme and that hard work and commitment has certainly paid off. Our year three results are excellent and show a vast improvement in all areas since the programme began in 2008.

“Patient care and safety will always be the Trust’s number one priority and Advancing Quality is an ongoing improvement programme which has the potential to hugely improve patient care and quality of life for patients. We remain fully committed to this programme and I have seen some excellent projects led by our staff.”

The Advancing Quality programme is being independently evaluated by the University of Manchester Business School over a five year period. The evaluation will determine if AQ has impacted on financial savings, lives saved, reduced length of stay in hospital, reduced complications and reduced admissions. This report will be published in the summer.