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Positive feedback from national maternity service

Posted on Wednesday 16th December 2015

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has scored well in a national survey of women’s experiences of maternity services.

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has scored well in a national survey of women’s experiences of maternity services.

A random sample of women who gave birth in North Cumbria in February 2015 were asked a series of questions about the care they received during pregnancy, their treatment whilst in labour, and their postnatal care, as part of the national Care Quality Commission maternity survey.

Of those approached to take part, 131 women (44%) responded, and the results were overwhelmingly positive for the Trust. The questions covered topics such as whether patients felt they were listened to; whether they felt staff were aware of their medical history; whether any concerns raised were taken seriously; and whether appropriate support with issues such as feeding was available after the baby was born. The responses were converted into scores out of 10 for each question, and then benchmarked against other trusts nationally.

North Cumbria was found to be better than or about the same as the majority of other trusts nationally on all questions. There were six questions where the Trust scored better than the national average:

  • During your pregnancy, if you contacted a midwife, were you given the help you needed?
  • If you needed attention while you were in hospital after the birth, were you able to get a member of staff to help you within a reasonable time?
  • Were your decisions about how you wanted to feed your baby respected by midwives?
  • When you were at home after the birth of your baby, did you have a telephone number for a midwife or midwifery team that you could contact?
  • Would you have liked to have seen a midwife?
  • Did the midwife or midwives that you saw take your personal circumstances into account when giving you advice?

North Cumbria did not score worse than the majority of other trusts on any question.

Executive director for nursing and midwifery Gail Naylor said: “Thank you very much to all the women who took the time to complete this questionnaire. Feedback of this kind is vital to the Trust to ensure our patients are receiving the best possible care.

“Our maternity staff in Whitehaven, Carlisle and Penrith, and out in the community, will all be very pleased to receive such positive feedback, and we will also we make sure we look at any areas where we still have room for improvement.”

Any patient or relative who has any comment about the care in our hospitals should speak to a member of staff in the first instance or email