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Positive feedback from national children's survey

Posted on Wednesday 1st July 2015
Childrens ward

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has received positive feedback in the first national children and young people’s survey published by the Care Quality Commission.

Young people aged between 0-15 who were admitted to our hospitals as inpatients or for treatment as day case patients in August 2014, and their parents or carers, were asked to answer a series of questions about the care they received. Topics covered in the survey included pain management, being treated with respect, standards of cleanliness and the quality of information given.

The responses were then converted into scores out of 10 for each question, and then benchmarked against other trusts nationally.

North Cumbria was found to be “about the same” as most other trusts nationally on the vast majority of questions, and received a score of 8.6 from parents and carers and 8.5 from the children and young people themselves when asked to rate their overall experience.

The Trust scored better than the majority of others on two questions relating to communication: for how children and young people were told what would happen to them on arrival at hospital, with a score of 9.3 out of 10; and for the way in which staff explained to parents and carers what would be done during the operation or procedure, scoring 9.7.

There were no questions where the Trust scored worse than the majority of other trusts.

Some of the other findings included:

  • More than 9 out of 10 children and young people said hospital staff talked to them in a way they could understand (score 9.2 out of 10)
  • Almost all parents and carers (score 9.8 out of 10) said they were given enough information on how their child should use and take any new medicine
  • Almost all children and young people (score 9.3 out of 10) said the people looking after them were friendly

The findings of this latest survey back up the Trust’s own internal patient experience data. Children’s ward at the Cumberland Infirmary last month received a perfect 10 score in their latest patient experience survey.

Patients or their carers are asked to give a score out of 10 on a range of measures and topics, including respect and dignity, kindness and compassion, cleanliness, pain control, doctors and nurses. The ward scored 10 out of 10 in every domain in their May 2015 survey. Comments included: “We can’t praise the staff enough, the care has been wonderful and they are very jovial” and “I think this ward needs an award!”

Executive director for nursing and midwifery Gail Naylor said: “A perfect 10 report is very hard to achieve and the team had come close on a number of occasions previously. This latest national survey backs this up and confirms that our paediatric teams are doing fantastic work, both at the Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumberland Hospital, and are highly regarded both by the youngsters they treat and their parents and carers.

“We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete this questionnaire – feedback of this kind is vital to the Trust to enable us to continue making the improvements needed to give our patients the best possible care.”

Any patient or relative who has any comment about the care in our hospitals should speak to a member of staff in the first instance or email