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NHS staff survey results show further progress for North Cumbria Hospitals Trust

Posted on Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Results of the 2015 NHS Staff Survey published today

Results of the 2015 NHS Staff Survey published today demonstrate that further progress has been made to improve patient safety and care at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust.

This year’s results has shown a rise in staff feeling that care of patients is the organisation’s top priority (65%) and only 3% of respondents feel that the organisation doesn’t act on concerns raised by patients/service users, compared to 16% last year.

Although the Trust remains ‘below average’ overall when compared to acute NHS organisations nationally*, the results show that the organisation has either improved or remained the same on all questions when compared to the 2014 survey. In addition, the Trust is significantly better than the national average for six questions regarding health and well-being and personal development.

The Trust has continued to place an increased focus on patient safety reporting and acting on concerns raised. This has been demonstrated in the survey results with the Trust improving on questions relating to staff witnessing errors/near missed/incidents and incident reporting.

Consistent with last year’s results, the Trust continues to score higher than average for mandatory training and appraisals which are both key to staff development. In addition, staff experiencing discrimination from patients, relatives or colleagues is lower than the national average.

Overall, more staff in North Cumbria would recommend the organisation as a place to work or receive treatment.

Stephen Eames, chief executive at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Today’s staff survey results demonstrate further steady progress for the Trust with some notable improvements.

“However, we are under no illusions and know that we still have a lot of progress to make. The concerns raised in the survey such as staffing levels are ones the Trust Board is very much aware of and we are all working hard to tackle these issues.

“The past year has continued to be challenging as we remain in special measures, but despite this, our staff are motivated to go that extra mile for our patients to ensure they receive a safe and caring service.

“We are currently working hard with our partners in the Success Regime to collectively address the challenges we face and knowing how resilient our staff are, we are confident we can continue to make steps in the right direction for the benefit of staff and patients.”

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