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New safety measures for Cumberland Infirmary's car park

Posted on Thursday 16th June 2016

New safety measures are being introduced in the car parks at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle from next month.

From Monday 11 July 2016, Fixed Penalty Notices will be introduced for staff, patients and visitors should they park inappropriately as an incentive to ensure the hospital can operate safely. This will apply to all vehicles which are potentially blocking emergency access by parking on red lines (the lines marking areas to keep clear for emergency vehicles), yellow hatched areas, restricted access areas and in disabled bays (if not a blue badge holder). Clear signage will be displayed notifying all car users of this change in policy.

To help ease congestion in the car parks, a new staff car park has opened today (Thursday 16 June), providing 100 extra spaces for staff permit holders. This will in turn, free up space in the patients and visitors car parks. Plans are also being finalised for a new car park at the back of the Infirmary next to the helipad which will provide approximately 270 additional spaces. It is anticipated that this car park will be completed by the end of 2016 along with a full barrier pay on exit system.

Stephen Eames, chief executive at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “I am aware that car parking has been an issue for some time now at the Trust, particularly at the Cumberland Infirmary. When reviewing the provision of parking, my absolute priority is the safety of our staff, patients and visitors and I have been very concerned about some of the incidents that have been reported to me in recent weeks.

“The police, ambulance service and fire service have been in touch to say they have experienced difficulties recently in accessing the Cumberland Infirmary due to cars parked inappropriately. This is very alarming as it is crucial that all emergency vehicles have easy access to our hospital sites.

“I would like to reiterate that these changes are being implemented to ensure the safety of those who use the Cumberland Infirmary. Cars parked haphazardly are dangerous for a number of reasons, including blocking a clear view for crossing the road, forcing people onto roads as cars block pavements, the increased risk of an accident and restricting access for emergency vehicles. I’m sure everybody will agree that this has to stop.”

The Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued by the Trust’s PFI partner and once issued; they cannot be withdrawn or cancelled by the Trust or its PFI partner. Appeals can be made through an external agency and the process will be detailed on the Fixed Penalty Notice. 

If a vehicle is found to be blocking access to the emergency services or parked on a clearway marked by double red lines, the vehicle may be removed via a registered external agency. This action will only proceed if agreed by both the Trust and its PFI partner and photographic evidence of the inappropriately parked vehicle would also have to be provided.