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Home > News > North Cumbria Hospitals launch carer's pass to help further care for patients with dementia

North Cumbria Hospitals launch carer's pass to help further care for patients with dementia

Posted on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust has launched a scheme which will ensure carers can be with dementia patients outside of visiting hours to help improve their wellbeing.

The ‘Carer’s Pass’, which is being launched from November 2016, is part of the national John’s Campaign, which was set up to encourage carer involvement for  people  with Dementia while they are in hospital. The campaign was set up the family by Dr John Gerrard, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and felt that that the lack of people he knew to tend and comfort him contributed to this deterioration.

The Carer’s Pass gives carers the opportunity to remain with the person they care for if they wish outside of visiting hours. Carer’s with a Carer’s Pass will be a key part of a team with the health professionals on the ward. Staff will liaise with the carer to ensure a staff member takes over full responsibility for the person they care for if they want to leave, including agreeing break time.

Christine Musgrave, matron for Elderly Care, said: “We would like carers of those with dementia to help us ensure that their loved one’s hospital stay is comfortable, personalised and safe for them. We will ask families to let us know what they are able to do at home, particularly their hobbies or interests, to create the most positive environment we can.

“We want carers to feel completely involved, supported and part of the team. This may be assisting with physical care, attending to personal care, just sitting with the patient, reading, sharing memories or assisting with meals. Just knowing carers are there can be a great help and support to both patients and our staff.”

For details on how to obtain a Carer’s Pass please ask to speak to the nurse in charge of the ward.