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New innovative prostate services now available in west Cumbria

Posted on Tuesday 22nd May 2018
New innovative prostate services now available in west Cumbria

Two new state of the art services have been introduced at West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven (WCH), which are set to prevent hospital admissions for patients and also improve prostate cancer diagnoses.

The Cybergreen Laser procedure is for patients who can’t pass urine and have to live with a catheter or have severe difficulty in passing urine. Laser fibre is introduced through the urethra and prostate and then it evaporates the prostate meaningthey can pass urine comfortably afterwards.

This causes minimal bleeding and, for patients on anti-coagulant medication, means they do not have to stay 3-4 days in hospital as a result - the majority of  patients would have the procedure as a day case.

The second service is Transperineal Template Prostate biopsies (TP biopsies), a new way of taking biopsies from the prostate under general anaesthetic, allowing for a greater amount of biopsies to be taken with greater accuracy.

TP biopsies are usually performed after an MRI scan which can show abnormal areas within the prostate which can be targeted at the time of biopsy. The MRI images are fused with a rectal ultrasound scan, allowing greater certainty about whether a patient has prostate cancer or not. This procedure also carries less risk of serious infection, and less risk of requiring a second biopsy.

So far, 42 patients have had TP biopsies with 100% success rate.

Consultant urologist, Mr Jaswant Mom, said: “I am extremely pleased that these services are now available in the Trust, and I know how beneficial this will be to the community and local areas. Currently, we are the only Trust locally running this service, as previously patients had to travel outside the area. The urology staff all work incredibly hard to meet the needs of their patients, and these new procedures will help to continue that good work.”

A patient said of the Green Laser Cyber procedure: “Owing to the new invasive laser technique, there was far less bleeding than I anticipated and I was amazed to find I didn’t need any painkillers.”