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Cumbria NHS following national trends cutting the sales of sugary drinks

Posted on Friday 19th October 2018

The NHS Trusts in north Cumbria are now following in the footsteps of other NHS hospitals in England who are cutting the sales of sugary drinks across their hospitals to support reducing the growing levels of obesity. 

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust and Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are working towards no sales of sugary drinks in their cafes to support the health and wellbeing agenda for staff, patients and families.

All full sugared drinks have been removed from vending machines on the hospital sites and will be removed from the restaurant at the Cumberland Infirmary from Monday 22nd October

The outlets at the hospitals have also signed up to the NHS sugar reduction scheme which means that they will reduce the sales of full sugared drinks to only 10% of their overall drinks sales

Phil Doran, Facilities Manager for catering at the Trusts said “We had already reduced our sales of sugary drinks in our cafés and vending machines across the Trusts to work towards improving the health of staff, patients and families”.

Last year NHS England challenged hospitals to sign up to ambitious targets and with every hospital now signed up, it is hoped that sugar intake for patients, staff and families visiting hospitals will reduce even further. 

Obesity and its associated dangers are a worrying challenge facing the NHS and part of the long term plan is to take action where possible to take action to avoid a long list of preventable problems in the future years.

Every NHS hospital has agreed to cut sales of sugary drinks on their premises as part of NHS England action to curb rising levels of obesity. All 227 trusts across England have pledged to reduce sales of sugar-sweetened drinks to 10% or less of their total drinks sales. Growing numbers of hospitals have signed up since NHS England introduced cash rewards for those that hit the target last year. This equates to nearly 30 million teaspoons of sugar have being removed from NHS canteens, shops and vending machines as a result. 

As part of action to improve the health of its workforce, NHS England has already provided an incentive for hospitals to limit confectionary sold in hospital canteens, stores, vending machines and other outlets. 

Being overweight or obese are the major modifiable risk factors for Type 2 diabetes and the NHS has seen the number of people living with Type 2 diabetes double over the last 20 years, but it is a largely preventable disease.