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NHS asks for feedback on new name options

Posted on Tuesday 9th April 2019

Health bosses are asking for views on a name for the new NHS Trust that will be formed later this year. 

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) and North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust (NCUH) plan to merge to form one organisation by October 2019 in a move designed to enable more seamless patient care. 

NCUH delivers services from the West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven and Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. CPFT currently delivers community services in north Cumbria and children and families, mental health and specialist services across the county. Plans to merge the two organisations coincide with plans to transfer countywide mental health and learning disability services to other providers. 

The NHS has become one of the most cherished, trusted and powerful brands and as such there are clear guidelines for naming NHS organisations. The guidelines state the name must be clear, logical and descriptive, start with a geographic reference and end with the organisational descriptor, NHS Foundation Trust. Addition of the words ‘teaching’, ‘university’ or ‘integrated’ can also be considered.  A list of potential names was developed with the trust’s governors who helped to create a shortlist.  

The shortlisted names and the main pros and cons identified as part of the survey so far are:  

Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

  • inclusive of all areas where services are delivered
  • problematic for other trusts who deliver NHS services in Cumbria

North Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

  • when referencing Cumbria in two geographical parts, north reflects the location of the majority of services delivered by the trust
  • staff and patients in other parts of Cumbria may not identify with ‘north’

Lake District NHS Foundation Trust

  • our services are delivered in or on the doorstep of an internationally recognised location and world heritage site that could support recruitment efforts and removes the north/west/south Cumbria complication 
  • Some of the trust’s services are not directly delivered within the Lake District and not everyone identifies with this

North Lake District NHS Foundation Trust  

  • internationally recognised location that could support recruitment efforts and reflects the fact that the majority of services are delivered in the north of the county
  • Some of the trust’s services are not directly delivered within the Lake District and not everyone identifies with this

These options were shared towards the end of March at the start of a six week engagement period to gather views on the merger. Staff, partner organisations and the public have all been asked to choose their favourite and more than 500 people responded in the first two days alone. The suggestions have divided opinions, with some positive about them, others against them and some suggesting their own alternatives. 

Daniel Scheffer, Company Secretary, explained: 

“Choosing a name for the new trust isn’t easy and people have strong preferences on what it should or shouldn’t be. We want to receive feedback on the four options together with any alternative suggestions people may have. The name choice is very important as it will help mark a new beginning for health services in Cumbria. There are pros and cons to each option and we’ll look at all feedback before making a decision.” 

The trusts will continue to seek views on the new name throughout the engagement period. You can share your thoughts on your favourite, or an alternative, by completing the survey or look out for polls on social media this week.