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NHS staff give feedback in latest survey

Posted on Tuesday 26th February 2019

Results from the 2018 NHS staff survey have been published today (26th February) and will be used to make improvements to working conditions and patient care across the country.

Feedback from staff at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) and North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust (NCUH) shows some improvements compared to the previous year and against the national picture as well as identifying areas for development.

Staff across both trusts reported improvements in the recognition they get for their work, pay and the number of incidences of violence from patients. More staff in both trusts said that those involved in errors or near misses are treated fairly, lessons are learnt from incidents and they feel able to raise concerns. 

Some of the key areas for development that staff identified include health and wellbeing, the quality of care staff feel able to deliver and how involved they feel in changes. Plans are in development across the trusts to ensure concerns are addressed and improvements can be made.  

Stephen Eames, Chief Executive for both trusts, said: 

“We welcome the results of the latest staff survey and are fully committed to acting on feedback from staff. This is a time of immense change and growing demand on our services and this is reflected in today’s results. 

“The improvements that staff have reported support the efforts we have made to develop an open, learning culture which we know is essential for patient safety. We have some really successful recognition schemes such as Glimpse of Brilliance and it’s good to see that these are having an impact. 

“We know we have much more to do but our new ways of working are already showing impressive results. This gives me confidence that we are moving in the right direction and I expect these improvements to continue as we join our organisations later in the year.” 

The trusts are currently undergoing a number of large changes including a proposal to merge the two organisations, changes to the delivery of mental health services and developing Integrated Care Communities (ICCs) to provide more out of hospital care. Closer working between the trusts is already reducing duplication, saving money and supporting more seamless care, and it is expected that these benefits will continue when the trusts formally merge in October 2019. 

As the trusts come together a new set of values have been developed by staff. These will be launched next month to guide the way staff work together and with patients.  

Judith Toland, executive director of workforce, organisational development & engagement for CPFT, NCUH and the North Cumbria Health & Care system, joined in November 2018. She commented: 

“If we get things right for our staff then we get things right for our patients. In my new role I’m working closely with teams across both organisations to address the concerns staff have raised and we already have work underway. Times of change often lead to uncertainty and but I’m confident our plans will give staff new opportunities to learn and develop. 

“When staff feel engaged, supported and valued the benefits are huge so I’m excited to launch our new values and start embedding these to ensure our services are the very best they can be for our patients and for our staff.”

You can read the full reults here