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Biju Sankar


Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Based at

The Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumberland Hospital
Secretary contact - 01946 523193

Year qualified


Professional qualifications

MS Orth,
PG Dip (Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Systems
FRCSEd. (Tr&Orth)

Treatment and procedures

Trauma surgery
Bone and joint Infections
Lower limb surger

Clinical Interests / specialist areas

Trauma surgery including deformity correction and reconstructions
Primary and revision hip arthroplasty
Primary and revision knee arthroplasty
Knee arthroscopy

Professional membership

General Medical Council - Specialist Register
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh - Fellow
British Orthopaedic Association - Member
Orthopaedic Trauma Society - Full member


Suction drain tip culture in orthopaedic surgery.
MRSA screening in elective lower limb arthroplasty
Functional outcome following surgical treatment of displaced Sanders two part and three part fractures of the os-calcis.
Gravity stress views in determining instability of Weber B ankle fractures.
Safety of steroid injections prior to hip replacements
Paediatric proximal femoral locking plate in stabilization of pathological femoral neck fractures in children
Comparison of medial and lateral parapatellar approaches for navigated total knee replacements in severe valgus knees.
Leg length restoration in Computer Navigated Total Hip Replacements.
Bone growth on Hydroxyapatite collars of massive endoprostheses


Gold Medals in Anatomy and Biochemistry in medical school
Distinction in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry in medical school


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