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North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust - 70 years of the NHS

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Denis Burke


Gastroenterology and G(I)M

Based at

West Cumberland Infirmary and Cumberland Infirmary
Secretary contact - 01228 814138

Year qualified


Professional qualifications

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery); MD Doctor of Medicine;  Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Treatment and procedures

Upper and lower GI endoscopy, IBD, liver disease, including viral hepatitis and general gastroenterology

Clinical Interests / specialist areas

IBD;hepatology; service development

Professional membership

British Medical Association; British Society of Gastroenterology; British Association for the Study of the Liver; Scottish Society of Gastroenterology; Association of Physicians


IBD, hepatology , dyspepsia and endoscopy


Dickinson Scholarship June1980 (Clinical surgery examination)

Leeds Gut Club, 1986 best presentation

"The potentially pathogenic character of Escherichia coli in inflammatory bowel disease" 

Astra Research Prize, 1988

Northern Region,1988

"Cardio-respiratory changes during diagnostic and therapeutic     ERCP"

David Dickson Research Prize 1990 for research in the Northern Region.

"A method of enhancing cytotoxin production to aid the detection of verocytotoxin producing E. coli and the application of the technique to the study of community acquired diarrhoea and ulcerative colitis"

£14,000 grant from the Northern Region Research Committee for the study of E. coli rough mutants in PBC

grant of £50,000 to provide a laser service at the Cumberland Infirmary, by the JP Dunne Will Medical Trust

Honorary Senior clinical lecturer University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Published Abstracts

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Frontline Gastroenterology