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To enable us to provide a safe environment that promotes health and reduces harm from exposure to second hand smoke, all of our sites are completely smokefree. This means that smoking is not permitted on any of our sites including all buildings, grounds and vehicles.

As an NHS organisation, we have a duty to protect and care for the health and wellbeing of our patients, staff and visitors. Many of the people who access our services are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of second hand smoke, such as pregnant women, babies, children and those with medical conditions.

We recognise that smoking is personal choice and we do not discriminate against those who choose to do so. However we ask that you help us keep our buildings and grounds smokefree to protect others. If anyone is seen smoking on our premises after this date, our staff have the right to respectfully request for them to stop and extinguish their cigarette.

We know that many people are giving up smoking by switching to e-cigarettes and these have been proven to be an effective way of helping people to quit smoking completely. As e-cigarettes do not expose others to second hand smoke and offer a less harmful alternative to smoking their use is permitted within the grounds of our sites, but their use is not permitted indoors.

We've installed a button at the front of the Cumberland Infirmary, if you see someone smoking there please press this and it will play a reminder that they cannot smoke on site - You can find out more here. 

The dangers of smoking are well publicised and if you still chose to smoke please do so off Trust property. If you decide you would like to quit, support and help is available. Even if you don’t decide to quit, inpatients can receive free temporary nicotine replacement.

You can go to any pharmacy and they can offer help and advice or online at or call 0300 123 1044