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Bedside television, radio and telephone

hospedia Hospedia is the inpatient bedside television, radio and telephone system in the Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumberland Hospital. Click on the icon left to link to the Hospedia website and you will find more information about their services and charges.

What does my personal bedside entertainment system have to offer?

You will find at most hospital beds a personal touch screen TV and phone for your use.

To find out more about Hospedia please contact the Customer Care Centre from the bedside telephone or alternatively call from an outside line on 0345 414 1234. One of the Customer Care Agents will then be able to guide you through the bundle options available and find one which best suits your length of stay.

Options available for purchasing credit are as follows:

  • Purchase a Paycard with cash from the vending machine in main entrance
  • Use your credit/debit card by picking up a bedside phone and speaking with our Customer Care Team
  • Pre-register by calling 0845 414 1234

Headphones are available at each bed side, however, you may use your own if you prefer. Every TV has on-screen and printed instructions to show you how to get started, and if you get stuck or need advice just pick up the phone, follow the instructions, and you’ll be connected (free) to the Customer Care Team. They are there to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

If you would like more information, or to read Hospedia's terms and conditions, please click on the icon above or dial 0845 44 1234.