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North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust - 70 years of the NHS

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The Cumbrian Clinic

ccstaffThe Cumbrian Clinic, based at West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven, opened in 1998 to offer private healthcare to patients in West Cumbria and beyond. The clinic consists of an outpatient facility on the hospital site at Hensingham, Whitehaven with utilisation of available beds on an NHS ward for inpatient facilities.

All staff are employed by North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust and the clinic is run by a management group, consisting of consultants and Trust Managers. Any income generated by The Cumbrian Clinic is reinvested back into new equipment and facilities, benefitting all patients in the NHS Trust. The aim of the management group of The Cumbrian Clinic, therefore, is to develop private practice in such a way as to directly benefit all those requiring healthcare in West Cumbria.

The Cumbrian Clinic aims to achieve excellence in healthcare, offering treatment when you need it in a restful and comfortable environment with a high level of patient and personal care.

What we offer

Our first class care includes:

  • Highly qualified 24-hour medical access
  • Added safety of NHS intensive and coronary care units
  • Round the clock on-site support from emergency teams
  • Wide range of speciality treatments, including hip replacement, varicose vein, Botox and cataract operations
  • Outpatient and physiotherapy services 

 Our team of consultants cover the following specialties:

  • Orthopaedic surgery; Foot and ankle surgery; Radiology; Gynaecology; Ophthalmology; Elderly care; Vascular surgery; Anaesthetics; Gastroenterology; ENT; Clinical Psychology; General surgery; Plastic surgery; Urology; Oral surgery; Pathology; Paediatrics; Sports medicine; Oncology; Orthotics; General Medicine

Diagnostic services include:

  • X-ray; CT and MRI scanning; Ultrasound and Pathology services

Paramedical services available include:

  • Physiotherapy; Occupational Therapy; Dietetics

Peace of mind

Private treatment at The Cumbrian Clinic is comprehensive, wide ranging and most importantly - available when you need it.

The clinic is accredited by all leading private health insurers. We also offer a range of competitively priced, fully inclusive treatments for those without health insurance. Our Administration Officer will assist with all the paperwork, ensuring you receive your treatment without having to worry about your account.

Contact us

If you have any questions about The Cumbrian Clinic and the treatment we offer, or would like to make an appointment for a consultation, please call 01946 523380.