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Mums share their stories


“I have had great support at the breastfeeding group in Carlisle. My daughter had tongue-tie and I had difficulty feeding her to begin with – I wouldn’t have continued feeding without the support I received. I have just qualified as a breastfeeding peer supporter to help people have the confidence to breastfeed.”
Helen, Louise and Joseph Dinning, Thursby

helen louise and joseph

Louise, Connor and Thomas - Carlisle

"I am currently breastfeeding my second son who has just turned six months old and I am also a breastfeeding peer supporter. I always wanted to breastfeed as I knew about the health benefits to my child and myself and there were also more 'practical' benefits such as cost and night feeds.

"I found that when I started feeding my first son, Connor, I fell in love with breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong, it is exhausting at times, but feeling the bond with your baby is so rewarding. I went to a breastfeeding support group when I had Connor and I found it to be a fantastic support network being able to talk to other mums going through similar experiences. In fact, we found the group so good that we still meet up once a week three years later!

"I decided to become a peer supporter to help mums who really want to breastfeed try to combat their problems and make it into the enjoyable experience it should be. It is really important to have someone to talk to and who knows what you're going through. I now attend a breastfeeding group with my second son, Thomas, as both a breastfeeding mum and a peer supporter. During the group we sit and chat - most problems people have are often things which can be solved over a cup of tea and a chat, for example lengths of feed, tiredness etc. Often it is a case of needing reassurance that you are doing well and to continue the way you are. Through peer supporting, I can also talk to mum's over the phone and try to 'solve' any problems they may be having, even if all I do is refer them onto Helen (the breastfeeding specialist midwife). I have known this to help a great deal as mum's can be on the verge of giving up but then find that their problem can be solved relatively easily and breastfeeding can become enjoyable again. I truly love breastfeeding and really enjoy peer supporting to help other mum's feel the same way."

“I have been coming to the breastfeeding group since Florence was 4 weeks old. I always intended to breastfeed and have made friends through the group – it’s useful to share tips and advice.”
Fiona and Florence Cass, St Bees

fiona and florence

Karen Davenport - Whitehaven

"I am in my thirties and have two young children. I breastfed both of my children until they were a year old. As well as the massive benefits to both my children and myself, it was particularly important to me as I am intolerant to cow's products. I knew there was a chance I would pass this on genetically and could not risk giving them formula, just in case. 

"I tackled breastfeeding in public, while eating and while preparing dinner (with my second child) - it's amazing what you can do with a sling! However, the breastfeeding was not all plain sailing and I suffered repeatedly with mastitis, but the joy and benefits of breastfeeding far outweighed the hiccups.

"Breastfeeding my children was the best thing I could do for them and for me in terms of health benefits and for the bonding and closeness we gained through it."

“I was finding breastfeeding difficult with my son and the midwife suggested attending a group. I found it helpful and ended up breastfeeding my son, Ben who is now three, for a year. It’s also a good way to make friends with other mums.”
Emma and Josie Elwick, Carlisle

emma and josie

Clare Cooper - Workington

"I have two daughters, one who has just turned four and another who is 17 months. I am passionate about breastfeeding for the benefit of our babies, mothers, fathers and families.

"At first the huge time commitment of breastfeeding a new baby came as a bit of a shock - they want to feed constantly! But as I learnt more about this, I realised this is exactly what they need to do to build up the milk supply and all that was needed was a little readjustment in my own expectations.

"I continue to see the many ways my girls benefit from breastfeeding and I am really happy to support other mothers through their breastfeeding journey."

“I have been coming to the breastfeeding group since Annabelle was 3 or 4 weeks old. I had a home birth then Marie rang me. I have found the group really helpful, it reassures me that I am doing things right.”
Jenny and Annabelle Fye, Whitehaven

jenny and annabelle 

Lesley, Grace and Matthew - Carlisle

"I have two children and I breastfed both of them for nine months. Breastfeeding was one of my biggest acheivements because I knew I was giving them the best start in life. Also, every pound they gained was down to my milk which was a great feeling.

"I didn't feel that breastfeeding was as easy to start with as it sounds, it was a big learning curve for both me and my babies. The massive bonding feeling whilst breastfeeding was the key for me to keep going through those early days. I developed thrush in my breast whilst feeding my first child but thankfully with help and advice from the infant feeding co-ordinator I didn't have to stop feeding.

"When I first thought about breastfeeding, I had not realised how much support was available. I have attended the breastfeeding group at Morton Manor frequently with both of my children and have found them to be both enjoyable and useful in that you can chat to other mums who are going through, or have been through, the same problems as yourself. I would not change breastfeeding my children for the world, it is the best feeling to see my babies grow and develop and I feel proud that I have helped them do all this through breastfeeding." 

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