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We hope that you’re enjoying using the features of this website and are not experiencing any problems. This site has been tested for accessibilty. However, if you do have difficulty viewing the site, there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Access keys and shortcuts

You can change the settings of your browser to better suit your needs and use specially provided keyboard shortcuts in case you find it hard to use a mouse. This web site uses the UK Government access key system.

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Note: please keep in mind that there can be variations on how to enter the access keys depending on the browser you are using.

  • Firefox: uses the combination Alt + Shift + Number
  • Internet Explorer: press Alt + the relevant number/letter
  • Apple Mac: press Crtl + the relevant number/letter


This website is Browsealoud enabled. Browsealoud is a speech enabling program that makes web content more accessible to anyone with difficulties reading. Simply by hovering your mouse pointer over an area of text, Browsealoud will read that text out loud. Browsealoud not only speech enables the website content, it will also speak out loud the menus and hyperlinks, helping you navigate the website more easily. All you have to do to take advantage of this service, is download the free.